Stretch marks

STRETCHMARKS also known as “Striae” appears when the skin changes rapidly. Every females both teenager going through puberty or grown women have a 60% tendency of getting stretchmarks. It can appear mostly on the hips, thighs, bums, breast area, arms, and stomach.

It is most important to know that, Men can get stretchmarks too. These marks are not a result of any illness or disease. They can appear as a result of weight gain, rapid weight loss, Pregnancy, Exercises or use of steroid cosmetic products for a long time. Well, it can also appear as a result of genetics and the degree of stress on the skin.

At first, a stretchmark could appear thin-like brown, pink or red color depending on the color of the skin. It can expand and change the color later. It can also appear thick scar-like and dark in color. Even though it is quite a hassle to get rid of stretchmarks but the good news is stretchmarks fade with time which makes them look less noticeable and lighter in color.

Research says, there is no absolute cure yet for stretchmarks. Even though procedures like Laser therapy, microdermabrasion, micro-needling, chemical peel, etc are available to reduce the appearance of stretchmarks but these procedures can be quite expensive and there is no assurance that they’d totally face your stretchmarks.

This is why it is safer to apply natural home remedies.


Here are some Natural home remedies that could reduce the appearance of stretch marks and fade them quickly:


SUGAR: Sugar is a natural ingredient that can be used to exfoliate. One of the ways to reduce the appearance of stretchmarks is regular exfoliating to wash off the dead skin cells present on the skin.

Here is a process of making a sugar scrub:

Step 1: Combine a cup of sugar or ½ cup with a softening agent like Almond oil or coconut oil.

Step 2: Mix the oil into the sugar a little at a time till it looks like wet-beach sand.

Step 3: Gently apply the mixture to the affected area and exfoliate in a circular motion.

Step 3: Do this three times a week only.



ALOE VERA: Aloe vera is known to be a natural skin treatment. The gel helps to regenerate skin tissue. Aloe vera helps to heal burns and scars, hence, because stretchmarks are like a scar from damaged skin, Aloe vera would help to prevent and fade them miraculously.

Here are the steps to apply Aloe vera:

Step 1: Take the fresh gel from the Aloe vera leaf and massage it onto the area with stretch marks and leave it on for 20-30 minutes.

Step 2: Do this daily and wash off with warm water.



SHEA BUTTER: Shea butter has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It is also known to make skin healthy and repair damaged cells.

Here are the steps to apply Shea butter

Step 1: Take some shea butter and apply it to the stretchmarks area

Step 2: Massage for some time and leave it on.

Step 3: Repeat two or three times a day

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CASTOR OIL: Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid, which is a skin-conditioning agent that helps to lighten stretch marks and reduce their appearance.

Here are the steps to apply castor oil:

Step 1: Warm the castor oil slightly and apply it to the area of stretch marks

Step 2: Massage gently for a few minutes

Step 3: Repeat daily.



LEMON JUICE: Lemon Juice is known for its natural bleaching properties, so it helps reduce visibility effectively.

Here are the steps to apply Lemon Juice:

Step 1: Use fresh lemon juice or simply rub a sliced lemon wedge on your marks gently.

Step 2: Leave it on for 10-15 minutes

Step 3: Wash it off with warm water and apply daily.


In conclusion, Home remedies can be really effective when used consistently. It is cheaper and less risky compared to clinical solutions. It is also suitable for all skin types. In case of any irritation, kindly discontinue the process and consult a dermatologist.

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