FIFA has approved 26-player squads for the 2022 World Cup teams

Nations playing in the 2022 World Cup will be able to name up to 26 players to their final rosters for the tournament in Qatar, according to FIFA.
Only 23 players could previously be chosen by the nations competing in football’s most prestigious international competition.

However, FIFA has stated that the squad size has been expanded by three due to the odd timing of this year’s competition and ongoing worries around the coronavirus.

FIFA has approved 26-player squads for the 2022 World Cup teams
                    FIFA has approved 26-player squads for the 2022 World Cup teams

No more than 11 team officials and up to 15 substitutes are permitted to sit on a nation’s bench during a game, and one of those officials must be the team doctor.

After UEFA enabled countries to pick 26-man squads for Euro 2020 and CONMEBOL approved 28-player squads for the 2021 Copa America, the 2022 World Cup will be the third major international football tournament where the squad sizes for participating nations have increased during the last 12 months.

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