Ways to make your partner feel loved

A romantic relationship requires much more than one can ever envisage. Even though feelings in a Romantic Relationship should flow naturally, the truth is, there are certain acts either minor or major, that fuel how much you feel in every romantic relationship whether it is long-term or short-term.

As a relationship evolves, sparks and butterflies which are felt at the beginning of such a relationship tend to reduce after spending a long time with each other. Doubts, mistrust, and insecurities might falls after one or both partners do the bare minimum in the relationship.


Here are 7 simple and possible ways to make your partner feel loved: 

1. COMPLIMENT THEM: One of the most important ways to make your partner feel loved is by complimenting them. Everyone loves compliments especially when it is coming out from someone you love. It brings out happiness, strengthens confidence, and kills any form of insecurities they might be having. Complimenting how good-looking they look, how lovely their body is, how caring they are, how lovely the outfit look on them, and any other unexpected compliments that make one melt.

2. PAY ATTENTION TO LITTLE AND EVERY DETAIL: When your partner says something, especially when it means a lot to them or seems important to them, one of the ways to make them feel loved is to pay attention to those details and remember them. Remembering little things such as your partner’s favorite food, favorite clothing brand, favorite childhood memory, likes and dislikes, important dates, and other details can express how much they mean to you.

3. SPEND GOOD TIME WITH THEM: Quality time with one’s partner is basically a must. Sometimes, life can be so busy but creating time for them is a top-notch sign of love. It doesn’t matter how little or long such time is, activities that make them happy must be done. It can be reading together, eating out together, watching movies, etc.

4. SEND THEM RANDOM TEXTS: “Hey babe, I hope you are having a nice day. Just wanted to check up on you. I sent a box of cupcakes over, hope you have received them”?

Texts like this are so random and unexpected and trust me, it will lift up their mood and make them feel loved. A text like this will be on their mind all day!

5. RESPECT THEM: Everyone loves respect and your partner is inclusive! In fact, partners deserve respect more than anyone else. There can be different ways to respect them ranging from how they want to be talked to, and how they want to be treated, to how they want you to react to them in certain situations. Being harsh to your partner, ignoring them, shouting at them, or hissing unnecessarily can be an act of disrespect to them. One of the ways of making them feel loved is to respect them, regardless of any situation, in their presence or in their absence.

6. LEARN THEIR LOVE LANGUAGE: The term love language refers to the way that a person wants to be loved and ways they could feel love better. It can be Receiving gifts, Words of affirmation, Spending quality time with them, Physical touch, and any other ways they feel love much better. One of the ways to make your partner feel loved is by paying attention to their love language and getting in line with it.

7. LISTEN TO THEM: Giving your partner undivided attention and listening to everything they need to say is one of the ways to show them how much you love them. Everyone wants a partner who can offer a listening ear. No matter how busy life can get, creating a time to hear your partner pour out their mind to you is one of the most beautiful and simple ways to show how much you love them.

Every relationship requires compromise, effort, and zeal to keep it moving. Telling your partner how much you love them might never be enough, showing them you actually do love them is the key to a long-lasting healthy relationship.

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