(Video): Liverpool fans chills with Mo Salah’s electric goal vs Manchester City

With his play-by-play of Mo Salah’s match-winning goal against Manchester City, Peter Drury displayed the breadth of his commentary skills.

As the Egyptian King turned to celebrate with the home crowd, the Peacock commentator boldly concluded, ‘This. Is. Anfield.’

It’s a victory of epic proportions for Jurgen Klopp’s men, who appear to have finally kicked off their campaign after early struggles with form and consistency.

This was a hell of a week for Liverpool Football Club. After going down 1-0 to Rangers in midweek Champions League action, Liverpool scored seven straight goals to get into a comfortable second place in Group A, trailing only the ascendant Napoli. Riding that high into Sunday’s marquee Premier League matchup against Manchester City, Liverpool appeared to have fully cleared the cobwebs that plagued it earlier this season.

Mohamed Salah has been perhaps the biggest reason for Liverpool’s roar over the past week, which is no surprise in its own right but has been startling to behold all the same. In the Rangers game, Salah scored the fastest Champions League hat-trick in history: His first goal came in the 75th minute, while his third came just six minutes later. Against City on Sunday, Salah was back at it, and though he didn’t score another trio of goals this time, his one tally was both stunning and the difference maker in Liverpool’s much-needed 1-0 win over the Manchester juggernaut.

(Video): Liverpool fans chills with Mo Salah's electric goal vs Manchester City
        (Video): Liverpool fans chills with Mo Salah’s electric goal vs Manchester City

The fantastic thing about Manchester City-Liverpool games is that they frequently, if not always, end up being the best examples of English soccer excellence. These are two high-execution machines, so well-tuned that they can elevate the standard of play in the Premier League on their own. Sunday was no exception, though it was less of a tactical masterclass and more of a skill showcase, for lack of a better term. Despite the presence of two of the world’s best managers, Pep Guardiola and JĂźrgen Klopp, there were no surprise lineups. Both teams fielded nearly their best available XI and trusted those cool and good players to do what cool and good players do.

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