(Video) Anthony Martial open the scoring line as Man Utd lead Crystal Place 1-0 HT

After scoring his third goal in as many games following a spectacular finish against Crystal Palace, Anthony Martial has been at the top of his form on the preseason trip.
This summer, the Frenchman rejoined the team following a six-month loan to Sevilla.

Unfortunately, La Liga didn’t go as planned, and they weren’t interested in signing Martial to a permanent contract this summer. Nevertheless, this might still go in his favor.

At a time when many believed his days were ended, the manager may opt to offer him a fresh start at the club if he continues to impress during the preseason tour under Erik ten Hag.

Martial’s goal against Crystal Palace is a real beauty and a lot of credit must go to Diogo Dalot for his cross into the box. The back-in-form striker made his finish look easy.

United has looked most threatening since the start and we deserve to hold the lead in the first half.

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