Manchester United fans all vow to empty Old Trafford in latest Anti-Glazer protest

In an effort to kick out the Glazer family from the club, Manchester United supporters have vowed to skip the forthcoming derby match against Liverpool.

Numerous anti-Glazer demonstrations have occurred at Old Trafford in recent years, including one in which supporters stormed the field to force the cancellation of the northwest derby in May 2021.

The August 22 match between Liverpool and Manchester United has once again been designated as the focus of a #EmptyOldTrafford protest.

Match postponed as Man Utd fans invade Old Trafford in anti-Glazer protest

Rows of empty seats serve as a blatant protest against the direction the club is taking as angry United supporters rally online to urge others to avoid the stadium.

One fan wrote: “If you love Manchester United, stay outside Old Trafford. #EmptyOldTrafford.”

Another tweeted: “Short-term pain for Long term gain. #EmptyOldTrafford.”

And one commented: “I’ve not missed a home game in nine years. I’ll be missing this one. I’m sick to the death of the Glazers. We only have a few things in life we love, I’m not letting that Glazers ruing this one anymore. Man Utd v Liverpool #EmptyOldTrafford.”

Following a 2-1 defeat to Brighton to open up their season, United have failed with a bid for veteran striker Marko Arnautovic and now travel to Brentford before the Liverpool match.

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