Love Text Messages for Your Girlfriend

Love Text Messages for your Girlfriend

Leave her a longer note to show her how great she’s appreciated and loved.

  • Tell me what you need. I want to do things for you that make your life easier, make you smile, and make you feel lucky that we’re together. Your comfort and happiness are always my top priorities.
  • Whether you’re telling a joke or explaining an idea that you’ve come up with, I love that you share things with me. It’s a privilege to hear your thoughts and know what you’re feeling. Your heart and mind are incredibly beautiful.
  • Any plans I make for my life can’t be complete without you. I don’t think only about my own dreams. I also think about what you want and need and how I can give you happiness.
  • I would say that you’re the woman of my dreams, but even in my dreams I never imagined someone as extraordinary as you. I never thought I could love someone so intensely and completely. Thank you for making my life better in ways I never pictured before.
  • One of the things I love about you is how we can be both friends and lovers. I know I can trust you, and I strive to give you the trustworthiness and support you deserve. I know that we can have a good laugh together and share our fears and sadness with each other too.
  • There are many ways in which you’re beautiful. Your loveliness has layers and depth. Your soul, your mind, and your heart are all part of your beauty.

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  • Love Messages for Your Girlfriend

    Bring a smile to your girlfriend’s face and make her feel cherished with these messages.

    • I was really nervous before asking you out for the first time. I’m so happy I took that chance.
    • I’m blessed with an amazing, gorgeous girlfriend.
    • I’ve lost track of all the ways my life has gotten better since we became a couple.
    • Whether you need help with something or just want to do something fun, please turn to me. Let me make you happy.
    • Along with being kind and compassionate, you’re smart and beautiful. I still can’t wrap my mind around how lucky I am that you’re with me.
    • I want to say that you’re my dream girl, but I was never able to dream of anyone as beautiful and brilliant as you.
    • Even when we’re just having fun hanging out, remember that I’m serious about you and committed to building a strong, loving relationship.


  • Your face is special, your heart is pure, and your love is something as unique as yours. This is what I think of you. In other words, I LOVE YOU.
  • Without you by my side, I can’t sleep at night. Without your cooking, I’ll go hungry. Without your love, I think I will die. May everything good we share last forever.
  • No matter which way life takes us, our love is so strong that the next time I hold you in my arms we will pick up right where we left off.
  • I think of you day and night. Baby, I love you so very much.
  • I love you to the moon and back because you loved me in my meanness and time of trouble, not just in those times of happiness. You’re one in a million and your love stretches further than space.
  • They say that without love, no man can truly live. Like a flower that has finally blossomed, your love has given me life, breath, and wings to fly.
  • Every day I wake up next to your beautiful face, your messy hair, and your smell, I have another reason to believe in true love.
  • I think of all the ways to describe us, and all I can think of is forever and always. And the only way to describe our love? Magical. It’s pure magic.
  • If I need anything besides you in this life, my brain is completely unaware of it. My heart tells me you’re my everything. My fate. My one destination. And I’m on this journey until the end.
  • Some say you are born alone and die alone. But our love makes the difference- we will have each other forever, and it is more than enough.
  • I am one of those people who believe in eternity and magic. Although we all die, by receiving your love I know I will live forever.
  • Like an angel in the dark and a candle in the night, your love came and rescued me. It breathed life again into my heart.
  • To me your love is the most precious thing in the world- it is sweet, tender, gentle, thoughtful, and bright as a star on a dark night.
  • I have doubted many things in this life, but I’ve never doubted your love- for me, for others, for those in need. It is something beautiful that I never want to miss.
  • Even through the chaotic waves of life your love pushes on and finds me. I’m so glad you did.
  • Your love heals, strengthens, touches motivates, and inspires. Your love is what keeps me going. It is simply the one thing I cannot live without.
  • I know that having you in my life is a luxury- because your love is worth that much. Thanks for choosing to spend it on me.
  • Babe, your kisses are the sweetest and your love is my drug. May you experience all the happiness life can give.
  • Your laugh is what I long to hear, and your heart is what I wish to make mine. That’s how much I you.
  • If we were in cyberspace, even all the stars and the moon could not measure the total sum of your love. That’s how fantastic you are.
  • Good morning, gorgeous. Remember today that I love you. I really do.
  • The only happiness I’ve ever truly had in my life is when I’ve loved you. You are my forever and always. My destiny.
  • Your smile gives my heart life and my life a real meaning- thank you for being the one person I can’t live without.
  • You are my one and only because you don’t see me with your eyes, you see me with your heart. And that means the world to me.
  • By loving me for me, you’ve taught me to love myself too. This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced- and I’m so glad it was with YOU!


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