Liverpool legend remains silent following Thierry Henry’s comparison to Erling Haaland

During the summer transfer window, Manchester City reaped the benefits of signing Erling Haaland.
After hearing Thierry Henry’s comparison of Erling Haaland and Robert Lewandowski, Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher was left speechless.

Both strikers have enjoyed exceptional starts to the season at their new clubs, with Manchester City’s new recruit scoring 17 times in 11 games while Lewandowski has bagged an equally impressive 12 goals in 10 appearances. Haaland has been the figure capturing everyone’s attention, though Henry made the case for more admiration needing to come the way of Barcelona‘s new recruit.

Liverpool legend remains silent following Thierry Henry's comparison to Erling Haaland
          Liverpool legend remains silent following Thierry Henry’s comparison to Erling Haaland

Xavi’s side currently sits top of La Liga and Lewandowski leads the way in the division’s scoring charts, emphasizing the impact he has has since arriving in Spain. Haaland’s form, meanwhile, has been off the scale but Henry believes Barcelona’s talisman has had as big of an impact as City’s No.9.

Micah Richards raised the question as to whether or not Haaland would be enjoying the same success as Lewandowski at Camp Nou, to which Henry responded: “I don’t know, it’s a different ball game. Like I always say, you need to cast the right actor for the right movie. What Haaland is doing, that’s the perfect actor for that team. Sometimes you play in another team – I wouldn’t have played for Bolton, are you mad?”

Thierry Henry
                            Liverpool legend remains silent following Thierry Henry’s comparison to Erling Haaland

Carragher and Richards were left speechless by this comparison, with the latter replying: “Wow!” The former Arsenal forward continued: “That’s what I’m saying, if you were to play long ball under Sam Allardyce, I would have left at half-time.”

“Nobody is saying that Haaland is not doing well and the impact is not great. I’m saying that Lewandowski has as big of an impact as what Haaland is doing.

“If you argue the fact that Man City – was the top of the league last year? Were they competing? Were Barca top of the league? No, they were not. I’m not always talking about the goals or what you do. Some types of players have an impact on what he does and what he brings. For example Gabriel Jesus [at Arsenal], you can see what he’s bringing to the team, that winning mentality. Not a lot of guys won in that team at Barcelona. You have a couple of the old guards that did it, but not a lot of the guys did it.

“Aside from the goals, what Lewandowski brings is the way everyone else plays around him. You can see how they talk when he’s around, but no one is questioning what Haaland is doing. What Haaland is doing is brilliantly stupid.”

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