Fans in celebration as Herbert Hainer nominated as Bayern Munich president 

According to the club’s website, the Bayern Munich administrative advisory board met on August 30th (Tuesday) and unanimously resolved to re-nominate president Herbert Hainer for a second term. In addition, the committee recommended Prof. Dr. Dieter Mayer, currently first vice president, and Walter Mennekes, current second vice president, to seek re-election for the second year in a row. All of these posts will be filled during the annual general meeting on October 15th in the Audi Dome.

DFL General Assembly

Dr. Edmund Stoiber, head of the administrative board, says Herbert Hainer has managed the club “excellently” as president for three years and previously as chairman of the supervisory board. “He combines everything that FC Bayern requires: Herbert Hainer has a red heart, a passion for football, and decades of unique expertise as a commercial decision-maker,” Dr. Stoiber adds, listing Hainer’s attributes that make him the ideal candidate for the president job.

“We are happy with the way he leads this club, how he lives our ‘Mia san mia’, and we are convinced that, together with his colleagues on the executive committee and supervisory board, he will continue to shape the future of FC Bayern in the club’s best interests,” Dr. Stoiber declared.

Bayern boss Hainer dismissive of FIFA's biennial World Cup idea | Pulse  Ghana

He also feels that continuity is the hallmark of Bayern and that Bayern has set standards for Europe even during the pandemic, and should be credited to the management team — essentially emphasizing that the club is in the safest possible hands.

Hainer expressed his gratitude toward the advisory board and chairman Dr. Stoiber for their nomination and their confidence in him. He further went on to express his willingness in serving the club as president for another three years and called it an honor to be a part of a club.

“My heart has beaten for FC Bayern since I stood on the terraces as a teenager,” Hainer added, expressing his devotion to the club. “I am overjoyed to be able to run for re-election alongside my colleagues Prof. Dr. Dieter Mayer and Walter Mennekes,” he declared.

In an era when several teams are suffering enormous losses due to the pandemic and mismanagement is rampant, Bayern and the board can be proud of themselves for always having the club’s best interests at heart and performing an excellent job.

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