Fabrizio Romano reveals why Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Manchester United

The latest information on Cristiano Ronaldo is provided in a new film that transfer expert Fabrizio Romano created for his YouTube channel.
Ronaldo has made it known to United that he wants to depart this summer, it was revealed on Saturday.

Romano claims that although Ronaldo likes Ten Hag, he has asked to leave because he wants fresh additions, which I am confident will happen soon.

Ronaldo, he continues, is “very upset” since he believes the team ought to be making a big impression during the transfer window.

Fabrizio Romano reveals why Cristiano wants to leave Manchester United
              Fabrizio Romano reveals why Cristiano wants to leave Manchester United

The player is not for sale, according to United.

The Italian journalist emphasizes that Ronaldo is merely requesting permission to depart if he receives an offer, not making an official transfer request. Personally, I do not believe Jorge Mendes or Ronaldo would have leaked this information if they had not recently held talks with clubs from all over the country and gotten guarantees. We already know that Todd Boehly, the owner of Chelsea, and his agency discussed a prospective transfer.

Ronaldo isn’t treating the new manager with much respect if he decides to disappear before the season begins, so they must reach a resolution before the club departs for Thailand the next week.

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