Alphonso Davies beat Theo Hernández to become the best left-back in world

Remember what I said about Theo Hernández being a contender for the best left-back in the world? Yeah, forget about that too.

Alphonso Davies put on two star-studded performances this week. He and Mazraoui form a formidable wing-back partnership as both have the engine to get forward but also the gas tank to track back. Mazraoui was on my shortlist but it has to be Davies who gets in.

The Canadian would help open the scoring after a fantastic run down the left and a cut-back from the byline to 17-year-old Mathys Tel who would score with some help from Florian Müller’s own defenders un-sighting him. Davies would continue that level of play throughout the match although his moves would often be slowed down after he released the ball.

Alphonso Davies could be a Barcelona player by 5 millions

Against Barcelona at the weekend, Davies put in a tour de force facing Raphinha and Ousmane Dembélé, both players who have been elite this season (if not top 10, wink wink). He was not dribbled past once, which is insane to think about. On top of that, he himself would dribble past Dembélé, Raphinha, and Gavi multiple times throughout the game. Despite being almost always outnumbered two-to-one on his flank, he would somehow manage to win the ball back and dribble past both men.

If Davies can keep this level of performance up I think the debate for the best full-back in the world will well and truly be over. Hell, the only reason it exists is that Davies had to sit on the sidelines with a heart condition for four months in 2022! You can read more about Davies and Bayern’s game against Barcelona right here with our match observations and match awards articles.

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