Manchester United superstar spotted at the Portugal national team’s training center

After missing the start of Manchester United‘s preseason, Cristiano Ronaldo was seen at the Portugal national team’s training facility as doubt over his future at Old Trafford grew.

Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly been spotted at Portugal‘s training facility in Lisbon after missing his first preseason game back with Manchester United on Monday.

After submitting a transfer request to depart Old Trafford so that he could compete in the Champions League this year, Ronaldo dropped a bombshell on the team at the weekend.

On Monday, SIC Noticias tweeted that Ronaldo had arrived in the capital’s national team training facilities. The tweet included a video of a white 4×4 Rolls Royce navigating a parking lot.

While Ronaldo still holds plenty of respect for United, he has told the club that should a suitable offer come in for him, he wants to be able to move on as he fears the club is not progressing enough.

Ronaldo was absent as United stars returned to pre-season training on Monday

Although the purpose of Ronaldo’s visit to the facility is unknown, considering his commitment to physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle, it is possible that he is trying to start his own preseason training as he balances his future.

Ronaldo’s absence from practice is well-known to United; the star forward’s failure to go to training at Carrington after returning from a summer break has been attributed to family obligations.

Although Ronaldo still has a great deal of respect for Manchester United, he has made it clear to the team that, should a good offer come in, he would like to be free to leave since he feels the team is not developing enough.


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