Top 10 Premier League’s best forwards 2021/2022 season

here is the list of the current top 10 dangerous goal scorers in England


10. Wilfried Zaha

9. Diogo Jota

8. Jamie Vardy

7. Phil Foden

6. Jarrod Bowen

5. Cristiano Ronaldo

4. Harry Kane

3. Sadio Mane

2. Mohamed Salah

Tottenham’s star player this season has been Son Heung-min.

Under Antonio Conte, Harry Kane’s role evolved, and the South Korean stood up when his team needed him most, scoring on an unbelievable run.

With his 23 goals, he shared the Golden Boot with Salah and led Spurs back into the Champions League at the expense of Arsenal. Is it going to get any better?

1. Son Heung-min

 Son Heung-min-sportpage
Son Heung-min-sportpage

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